So many in just one year… A homage to some of the musicians who left us in 2016




 I guess Lemmy Kilmister’s death - although situated right at the end of 2015 – should have tipped us off. 2016 was going to be a dark year for many musicians whom we thought would still be around, for at least another decade or two. And even though they all “had” to leave some day, I think we were so used to having them around, we just weren’t prepared for a world without them.


 David Bowie, for instance. I don’t have all his albums, I never got to see him live… but heck, I grew up hearing his songs on the radio, and I truly admire the fact that he remained adventurous throughout his career (the amazing album “Outside” will be enough to convince anyone of that).

 Same deal with Prince. I will readily admit I haven’t heard any of his latest albums. But everything he did with The Revolution (and a little bit before that) sounds absolutely gorgeous to my ears.

 Regarding George Michael, I definitely wasn’t keeping track of his most recent releases (especially after being highly disappointed by his rendition of New Order’s “True Faith”). But what can I say ?  Wham is another one of those bands whose music I grew up with, and during the solo career that followed, George produced an amazing slew of incredibly classy songs, some of them even very touching.


 But the deaths that saddened me the most – unsurprisingly – were those of Keith Emerson and Greg Lake. Two thirds of Emerson Lake and Palmer. Gone in the same year. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to see them play together live again, or even release a new album. It’s just that these guys had a hand (given their virtuosity, make that two) in creating some of the greatest music I ever heard. And now… they’re just no longer here with us.


 Now I just mentioned those who had the greatest impact on me, but the list unfortunately goes on : Leonard Cohen, Glenn Frey, Maurice White, Billy Paul, Rick Parfitt, Peter Behrens, Pete Burns, Alan Vega, and so many others…


 So… are we just going to mourn, or is there a bigger picture to be seen in all of this ?

 Well, when so many of those “human landmarks” disappear from our lives, it definitely confirms the idea that time is insidiously passing us by. And I don’t mean to sound gloomy when saying this. I’m simply pointing out how important it is to live one’s life fully. I know it is sometimes easier said than done, but it is something we should at least strive for. So that we don’t look back on our lives with nothing but regret.



 Best regards to all.










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