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Ever since I announced my “comeback”, the blog you are currently reading was basically being used as a website. It was always my intention to create something more professional, but I was still sorting out the various possibilities that were available.


With the 2016 Imaginales festival approaching, I really wanted a more "official" website address to put on my new flyers, as well as in the booklets of the CDs I was going to have manufactured. So I focused more intently on creating the website in question. It finally saw the light of day in the beginning of May.


I didn’t immediately mention it on my various other accounts, however. The aspect and the content were still quite basic. Now, after spending some more time working on it, I’m happy to confirm that the Iridaes website is finally beginning to resemble what I more or less had in mind. As a matter a fact, here’s the link :


So… what is to become of my dear little blog ?  Well, rest assured, I have every reason to keep it on line. I have already posted so much here, I’m not going to just toss it all away. Besides, my official website is intended to be more concise, which means my blog actually completes it nicely, with longer articles and a more personal tone. I will therefore carry on posting things here, as I always have.



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