"Navigation" is about to be released !

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 Dear All,


 When it was confirmed that Ylsthia would have a stand at the Imaginales festival, I found myself thinking it would be really nice if I had more than one album to present. Not that I’m not proud of “Invitation”, on the contrary. But as I had already mentioned in a previous article, I was hoping I would be able to release a second album less than a year after my first. And let’s just say the Imaginales festival seemed like a good excuse to finish that second album.

 So you know what ?  I did.

 Yes, my friends, this coming Sunday, on the 22nd of May, “Navigation” will be released digitally on my BandCamp account. The CD version is currently being duplicated.


 So, you ask… what is to be expected on this new release ?

 Well, you’ve already had a foretaste on SoundCloud, with “Definitely Elsewhere”. There will be a couple more tracks in the same vein (“Scintillement Céleste” and “Navigation”), but also a couple of percussion-driven pieces with a highly pronounced orchestral flavor (“Compulsive Rêverie” and “Que le Voyage Commence !”). “Latitude… Longitude… Multitude” is more arpeggio-based, but just as orchestral sounding. And as for the acoustic sounding “Embarquement”, it is  the closest thing to “traditional” classical music I have recorded so far.


 A highly diverse selection, as you can see. It was always my intention to broaden my musical horizons, and I am very pleased that you will soon be able to discover these other facets. The release will take place towards the end of the afternoon (European time), and will be announced here, as well as on my Twitter account.


Best regards to all !








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