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Dear all,



To say that I’m busy would be a lovely little understatement. Naturally, I am still working on making my first album available for purchase, but I have also been rehearsing a lot in order to be ready for whatever live opportunities might come along. And since I don’t expect these opportunities to fall out of the sky, I also have a lot of work in the graphics department, designing all my promotional material. Yep, that’s me, I leave nothing to chance.


Regarding the excerpts I promised, fear not, they really ARE close to finding themselves on line. For a short while, I was under the impression it might be possible for this week, but things did not quite go as planned for various reasons. My apologies for the delay. Things really are coming together however, and you really WILL soon be able to hear the wondrous melodies I have been working on all this time.

(6.2014 - and now you can, in the MUSIC and the VIDEO sections)


As I also mentioned (on Twitter that is), I have even started working on the second album. Indeed, there is still some left over material from ten years ago, enough to fill half an album. And ideas for the other half are also beginning to come together. Of course, releasing the first album is a priority, but I wouldn’t mind if I could release the second one shortly after. I’m not talking about a few days of course (ha-ha, my schedule would be way beyond hectic), but… a few months after ?  Yeah, I’d really dig that. But I’m not going to set a date just yet. As always, I like to play it safe when it comes to that sort of information.


Another little Twitter revelation… my brand new Vimeo account. Yes indeed, I am also preparing a little something in the audio-visual department. Nothing extravagant to begin with, just a different way of presenting my music. My contributions will however develop as they diversify.


So… as you can see, I have a lot going on at once. But, as usual, I will keep you informed on how things are evolving. Once again, many thanks to those who visit and subscribe. Stay tuned !



Best regards to all.






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