First album – a brief look at the process



When I delved back into the compositions I had started creating ten years ago, I wondered how long it would take for me to remember them by heart. It turns out I only needed to listen to the old recordings a few times, and it all came back to me, as if I had just finished recording them !

I brought together the best versions I could find for each piece, checked which ones already sounded good, and which ones would need to be perfected or rerecorded.

But as I just mentioned, everything came back to me very quickly, and even when I needed to perform an entirely new version of a given tune, it came together much faster than I ever could have dreamed of.


Having the Korg Triton LE (with its built in sequencer) was a big help to put together the rhythmic patterns I wanted to add to some of the compositions, but one of my greatest pleasures was switching back on my Korg N5EX to rerecord some of the melodies.

Indeed, the N5EX is the very first synthesizer I ever got, the one with which I recorded my very first compositions. The one that basically helped me define the “Iridaes sound”.

It had been a few years since I had last used it, and it was great fun to rediscover it after all this time. Especially since I now have many more sound effects to choose from.  They really helped broaden and deepen the sound, both in the recording and the mastering process.


The track listing is pretty much complete now, but I will post another article with the full details.

For those of you who are wondering, the six tracks from my first (very rare) demo will indeed be included, so fear not, none of my compositions will fade into a blistering haze of obscurity (my goodness, I can be so poetic at times). However, as I have mentioned, everything has been nicely upgraded and enhanced, so these new versions will sound nothing like the basic ones that were first released.


I will naturally keep you posted regarding the album’s availability, and yes, you may also definitely look forward to hearing some excerpts very soon !


Best regards to all !







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