First album : “Invitation” – track listing


Dear All,


 As the release date approaches for my first full-length album “Invitation”, it is finally possible for me to disclose its track listing. And since I also spent many long hours designing the artwork, it is only fair that I give you a glimpse as well !



Iridaes - Invitation 600.jpg


So… the content of the album is as follows :    

(track duration next to each title)


1 – Sketches In The Sky  (3.39)     (watch video)

2 – Preoccupations  (5.24)    (watch video)

3 – By Passion’s Ways Alone  (3.58)     (hear it)    (watch video)

4 – Escapade Nocturne  (5.28)   (hear it)

5 – When The Feeling’s Just Too Strong  (4.04)    (watch video)

6 - Sentiments & Secrets  (4.22)

7 – Introversion  (3.38)

8 – Watch It Drift Away  (4.32)

9 – Ambivalence  (2.25)

10 – All Sails Hoisted  (8.00)    (hear it)

11 – Cristalline Immersion  (4.02)    (hear it)

12 – La Valse Iridescente  (4.03)     (hear it)

13 – In My Thoughts, Always…  (3.55)    (watch video)

14 – Invitation (2.51)


Bonus :


15 – Sentiments & Secrets (alternative)  (4.32)



 Regarding the tracks first released on my ancient demo, 1, 3 and 5 have kept their original titles. “Preoccupations”, “Introversion” and “La Valse Iridescente” are the other three, with different titles. As I have previously mentioned, all six tracks have been considerably enhanced. “Introversion” is the only one that didn’t need to be “upgraded” with any additional sounds, but it has been thoroughly remastered into a more full-sounding version.

 And of course, all the other tracks on the album have been mixed and mastered to the same standards, so the quality of the album is nice and homogenous. Total running time is 1 hour, 5 minutes (and about 17 seconds – hey, I worked hard on this, please let me gloat a little).


 The alternative version of “Sentiments & Secrets” contains an extra (very light) rhythm track. This is actually the version you will be hearing live, since I need a guideline to know when the strings kick in.

 I figured it couldn’t hurt to include both versions of the track, just in case there’s one you like better (or if you like both – heck, I won’t complain).


 As you’ve noticed, the titles follow a variety of principles. Some are in English, some in French, and others can be understood in both. “Cristalline”, for example, is the French spelling of the word, but the title it is a part of can still be understood in English. Since I am fluent in both languages, I wanted to give each of them a fair chance.


 It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that I will immediately inform you when the album is available for purchase. It shouldn’t be too long now, I just want to take the time to wrap things up properly and make sure I’ve checked all available options.

 Oh yeah, and excerpts ?  I’m working on it !   (6.2014 - as you can see... I have)


 Best regards to all !







All rights reserved by Iridaes - 2014


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