Happy New Year 2017 ! And of course… an update !



Dear All,

This being my third new year’s message on this blog, I believe it is now safe to call it customary. And that is how I intended it to be.


I always wish a happy new year to everyone on some of my different sites and pages, but doing it here allows me to give a more in-depth update on what I am currently up to.


First things first, however…

Happy new year !

Best wishes to all, may 2017 be positive and fruitful.


Any thoughts on 2016 ?  Well actually, yes, I do have a few.


With the creation of the Ylsthia label and the digital release of my first album, I guess 2015 could be best described as the year when everything was set in motion. With the release of my second album, the presence of Ylsthia at the Imaginales festival, and the availability of my albums in CD form, 2016 was the year when everything came together.

And the Iridaes website is a good representation of this. It started out in a rather basic form, and gradually evolved into something complete and visually elaborate.


Now, regarding 2017… anything I might be able to reveal regarding my future plans ?


Well… I’m thinking a third album would be nice. And as some of you already know… I’ve been working on it during the past few days !  Naturally, at this early stage, I can’t exactly tell what the final result will sound like. I will however state (as I’ve already done on Twitter) that I’m currently rerecording some of my old unreleased tracks. Yes, the ones left over from 2002-2003, already mentioned in some of my previous articles.

Parallel to that, I am also experimenting and recording some new ideas, which means there is a strong chance that my next release might bring together the past and the present.


As far as the next Imaginales festival is concerned (18th to the 21st of May 2017), I definitely intend to apply once again for a stand. I will, however, only be able to confirm this in March or April.



Once again, many thanks to those who visit, appreciate, subscribe and support.



Best regards to all.









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