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Dear All,


 Well, as usual, even though I’ve already done it on Twitter, here I am again to wish you a happy new year on my blog. Best wishes to all for 2016 !

 And of course, while I’m at it, I might as well go over some of the tasks I’ve been busy with these past few months, as well as what is to be expected during the forthcoming weeks.


 So… let’s start with my little “highlights” from 2015. Well, the one thing that stands out is definitely the release of my first album “Invitation”. Some of you must have even gone into shock when you saw this (laugh). Indeed, I had been announcing this release for over a year, and I have to say I am very relieved that it is finally out.


 But there is a justifiable reason for the delay, and this leads to another important achievement : the creation of the Ylsthia label (click here to visit). Yes, that is specifically what I was referring to when I mentioned “administrative turmoil” on Twitter. Now I’m not going to get all melodramatic and say that it was hell. It wasn’t (or should I say not quite). But launching such a venture requires attention to a multitude of details, and it can take a while for everything to fall into place.

 Thankfully, such is finally the case. I can now ease my mind and… focus on the other hundred things I have to do !


 Kidding ?  Not quite.


 Remember I mentioned, a while back, that I still had some unreleased compositions from years ago. Well, I have started rerecording them, and it’s coming along nicely. Parallel to that, I have also been recording some brand new material, some of which can already be heard, since I uploaded an edit version of “Definitely Elsewhere” on SoundCloud last July (click here to listen).

 Now, I’m still trying to figure out how all this is going to be released. I would really like all the older tracks to be on the same album, but many of them still need to be redone properly. On the other hand, I already have quite a few new tracks that only need a little more mastering.


 So it looks like the album I thought would be my second will actually be my third, and vice-versa. Not a bad thing actually, as the new tracks I mentioned are in a more ethereal vein. This will allow you to explore another aspect of my music whilst waiting to hear the remainder of my past endeavors.



 There has also been plenty to do on the visual side of things. I finally finished my video of the 2015 Imaginales festival (click here to watch), and quite a lot of work that was. Not only because of the film’s length, but also all the French subtitles I wanted to add. It was a rewarding challenge, and now that it is finally over, I will be able to start editing some of the other footage I have been shooting. Notably – as I mentioned on Twitter - for the “Sentiments & Secrets” video.

 And, as I also mentioned, 2016 began with another private concert, which I filmed and recorded. Parts of it will be edited into a number of shorter videos.



 Well, there’s plenty more I could write about, but I’m thinking it might be best to save it for my forthcoming articles, in order to cover it all properly.

 Until then, don't hesitate to check my Twitter account regularly for any extra information and recent news.



As always, many thanks to those who visit, listen, subscribe and support.


Best regards to all.









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