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Dear All,


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Selling CD versions of my albums was always my intention from the very start. Having the CDs manufactured, however, demanded a lot of careful preparation, and for a solid couple of months, that was about all I had any time for. Aside from preparing for the 2016 Imaginales festival, of course.


It was only after the Imaginales that I was able to start checking out the various shipping prices. I say “start”, because when I got back from Epinal, I also got back to rehearsing on a regular basis, something I had put aside to focus on my CDs and the stand I would be selling them at.


Furthermore, well… you know me, I Iike to be 100% sure of something before I give it a go. But thankfully, as you also know, I always wind up making my mind up at some point, and I’m happy to confirm that my “Invitation” and “Navigation” CDs will soon be available for purchase on my BandCamp account.


Naturally, this also means that I will be able to sign the CD booklets. I will simply need you to specify – during your purchase – if you would like this, and also what name(s) I should include in my little message.



It shouldn't be too long now. I only need to work out a few last details regarding packaging, as I would like to be sure my CDs will arrive in excellent condition. The way things are going, everything should be in place by the end of September.



24.11.2016 - I suddenly had to change my plans and devote September to a meticulous series of rehearsals. Fortunately, once that was over, I was able to get back to my dear CDs and spend most of October (and part of November) making a few last packing tests and shipping price calculations. You will soon be able to place your orders. Very soon.



10.12.2016 - And now you can !  Just click right here !




Best regards to all.









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